New Nerf War Programs

Blaster Fun has partnered with the Town of Fountain Hills to offer new programs called Nerf Wars 6+ (for ages 6 & up), Nerf Wars 10+ (for ages 10 & up) and Nerf Rival Wars (for ages 12 & up). We also offer Nerf war birthday parties. At Nerf Wars, competing teams use their brains, bodies and toy blasters to complete fun missions. Nerf Wars 6+ missions are safe and family-friendly, allowing ages as young as 6 and all skill levels to play. Parents wanting to play must register themselves as well as their children. You can borrow a basic blaster and eye protection or you can bring your own stock/unmodified blaster (rules apply). We provide the darts. Please do not bring darts.

Located in Fountain Hills, Arizona

The Nerf Wars program takes place in the Fountain Hills Community Center ballrooms, located at 13001 North La Montana Drive [directions] and Desert Vista Park in Fountain Hills, Arizona. Both locations are just minutes away from Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe and Phoenix.

Affordable—Just $10 Per Player

One of our favorite things about Nerf is how affordable it is compared to Airsoft, Laser Tag and Paintball. So Blaster Fun has worked hard to make Nerf Wars affordable, too. An hour and a half war costs just $10 per player for both residents and non-residents of Fountain Hills. There are no hidden fees, registration fees or taxes.

Unlimited Lives Means More Value

You pay to play, not sit out. So our games allow for tagged players to re-enter the game an unlimited number of times. To re-enter the game, players simply go to a “respawning spot.” There's no waiting. Players are right back in action!

We Provide the Darts

We provide waffle, also known as double-x, darts (like Nerf Elite darts). So there's no need to worry about losing your darts or trying to get them back after the Nerf war. Please do not bring darts.

Nerf Wars Times and Dates

On-site registration not available. Sign up by phone at 480-816-5100 (Monday–Thursday, 7 AM–6 PM) or online at the link below.

Click here for a complete list of events.

Safe and Family-Friendly

Our Nerf Wars 6+ program is designed to be safe and family-friendly, allowing ages 6+ and all skill levels to play.

Zones Make Nerf Wars Safer

The Nerf Wars 6+ arena or field is divided into 3 zones—a zone for each of the two teams and a buffer zone that seperates the teams. Teams must stay in their zones. These zones stop players from being tagged at close range.

Eye Protection

All players must wear eye protection. You can bring your own or borrow a pair of our Pyramex Intruder or Mini Intruder safety glasses.

Blaster Rules

You can borrow a basic blaster from us or you can bring your own. If you bring a blaster, please follow these rules:

Safe Darts

To make sure that all the darts used at Nerf Wars are safe, we provide the darts. Please do not bring darts.


We expect everyone to treat others with respect. Fighting, bullying, swearing or other unsportsmanlike behavior is not allowed and may result in not being able to play in Nerf Wars.

Contact Us

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